Top 10 Indoor house plants for your home


Indoor plants not only improve your house air quality but also your house look nicer when you have them.

Although there are a countless variety of Indoor house plants here, In this online shopping review, We have selected the top 10 indoor houseplants for your home.

We have selected these plants based on their cost, ease of availability on online shopping sites and maintenance. so let’s start now:

Anthurium Plants

anthurium Plant


Anthurium is a nice looking indoor plant which flowers nearly year round and can easily become the point of attraction in your home.

These come in a variety of colors and maintaining them indoors is easier than you might think.

The plant needs indirect sunlight and moderate but regular watering.

Aloe vera Plants


Aloe Vera plant for home


Aloe vera plants prefer bright, indirect light. It is now a common household and office plant.

Additionally, it is well known for its meditative properties and people have been using them in minor cut and burns.

Furthermore, Aloe vera absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night.

The best spot to keep this plant is a sunny window.

Indian Basil (Tulsi)

Indian Tulsi


This plant is known as Tulsi, it has a number of medicinal properties.

In addition, it helps in purifying the air and improves air quality.

It can be planted in a simple pot and hence requires regular watering and sunlight, so the best place to keep this plant would be a sunny window or on a balcony.





Mint is one of the best herbs to grow inside.  mint leaves are well known for their medical benefits.

furthermore, people have been using them for years in cooking and adding flavor to many drinks and beverages.

Mint requires regular watering


Dracaena plant for home
Dracaena plant for home

Dracaena is beautiful and useful for purifying indoor air.

Yellow leaves in the plant are a sign of over-watering or poor drainage.

This plant does not require direct sunlight and hence you can place it near a curtain, window or on the balcony.

Snake plant

Snake Plant
Snake Plant


Snake plants require low water and light environments, though it prefers bright, indirect light.

The plant is best suited for bathrooms since it filters out formaldehyde, which is commonly found in personal-care products.

It is one of the top air-purifying plants identified by NASA.

Additionally, This plant is one of the easiest to grow and requires no extra attention.


fern plant
fern plant

These home plants are known to be one of the oldest plants on earth, dating back to prehistoric times.

Fern not only removes chemical pollutants from the atmosphere but also heavy metals especially arsenic, from the soil. Water them regularly.

Lavender Plants

Lavender Plants
Lavender Plants



Lavender is well known for their insect repellent, aromatic property.

this plant requires sunlight and hence place them in a window or balcony where there is appropriate sunlight.

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Lucky bamboo Plants

Lucky bamboo Plants
Lucky bamboo Plants


You can find them in homes to business places.

They are considered lucky in Feng Shui and it is believed they bring luck and happiness in life. The plant grows up to 2-3 feet in height.

This plant most of the cases do not require direct sunlight and place it by a window for the plant to receive indirect sunlight.

Water should be changed once every 2 weeks.

Areca palm


This leafy plant can be grown anywhere in the house in indirect sunlight. Make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight, or the leaf will turn yellow.

The plant can grow as high as 30 feet outdoors but it is restricted to about seven feet at indoor locations.

Areca is not only useful in filtering xylene and toluene from the air. but also works effectively as an effective humidifier.

Water enough to keep the soil moist and let it dry a little between waterings in winter.


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