Why You Should Skip the offline shopping and buy online.

Why You Should Skip the offline shopping and buy online

Do you want to know? Why you should skip the offline shopping and what are the benefits you receive when you buy something online?.

The craze of online shopping is increasing and people are relying more and more on e-commerce websites and less on offline shopping. We receive multiple benefits when we buy something online, few are as follows:

Why You Should Skip the offline shopping and buy online
Why You Should Skip the offline shopping and buy online

Better Discount on Price

In most of the cases, products available online are cheaper than the retail outlets.

How online shopping sites offer better discounts compared to offline shops or retail outlets?

There could be multiple reasons and I even wrote a whole post on this topic.

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Here I would like to mention three more reasons why things are cheaper on e-commerce websites compare to these retail outlets and offline stores, not mentioned in my earlier post :

  1. Running a business online cost less as compared to offline shops and establishments. As online shopping companies buy products directly from the manufactures and hence no mediator involvement.
  2. Most of the e-commerce sites have large warehouses at multiple locations, states, and geography result in low transport cost and taxes.
  3. Few of the online shopping companies even sell products in losses in order to capture market fastly.

Online shopping sites can offer this Extra saving as an extra discount to us.

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Online shopping is more convenient compared to offline shopping

Yes, buying online is obviously more convenient compared to offline shopping considering the following facts:

Online shopping can be done from any-place and any time. Ordered products get delivered to the doorstep, what else one needs.

E-commerce sites have multiple product sorting, filtering and searching criteria which are based on different parameters. Using them we can easily find products based on our requirement. Hence it’s very convenient to find a product based on our specifications.

Shopping websites provide multiple payments and EMI options, which are very convenient.

When we have small kids at home or busy schedule, sometimes it becomes very difficult to go out for shopping in offline stores. By doing online shopping not only we can give time to our children and family but can also utilize time in something else.

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Sending gifts using E-commerce websites
Sending gifts using E-commerce websites

Additionally, you can send Gifts and products to your relatives, friends, and family without visiting any retail outlet or gift store. Sending Gifts online is particularly very convenient when you have your near and dear living in a different city.

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No payment queue

You must-have experienced those long payment clearance queues in offline shops or supermarkets.

Payment clearance queues are not only time-consuming but also frustrating if you hate to wait.

The condition becomes much worst when they start facing some technical or issues related to billing.

Once, I was in the queue of a large retail outlet and somehow my card stopped working and I was not carrying much cash. I hope you can imagine that situation.

In online shopping, we don’t have to wait in long queues, just a few clicks and the order will be get delivered to you within a few days.

Don’t like it return it

Most of the online shopping companies offer easy returns, exchange of products and refund of money.

If you are not satisfied with product size, color, quality or other features, you can easily return their products. You just have to use their website or in some cases call their customer care for return.

Offline shops also offer return exchange and refund but the difference is online shopping companies collect these return items directly from your home. It’s much much better than the offline shops where you have to visit their retail outlet.

If you don’t want an exchange, you can also ask for the money back. Even better few online shopping companies have zero question ask policy if you return their product within a given time frame.

Now think for a single minute, what you did last time when you return some product on any retail outlet or offline store?.

Check review before buying

We all need little help, recommendations, and suggestions when buying something. They can be related to product usability, durability, quality and related to the price. These things really help us to know if a product is worth buying.

In the offline shopping, we can get this by touching the product, checking its quality and size, and getting recommendations from the salesperson or from our friends.

Do these mega online stores have some alternative compared to offline stores?

Yes, they have and trust me the best. You can get most of these details checking customer reviews and filtering the products based on customer given ratings.

Check review on e-commerce websites
Check the review on e-commerce websites

Before buying anything online always check reviews of their previous buyers. In their review check their feedback related to quality, size, color, usability, product delivery, and an issue if they have faced.

In case if you want to know more what you need to check in customer review and avoid online shopping scams. Check my post on how to protect yourself from online shopping scams.

No traffic and No travel time.

In offline shopping most of the time we have to travel to shopping malls, retail shops, outlets, offline stores and market from our home.

Location of these places can be on the busiest streets or they can be located far from our home. Most of the time, roads leading to them stay congested considering heavy traffic jams.

Traffic Jams
Avoid Traffic Jams when doing online shopping

Still, even if roads are free from traffic still we have to travel and this travel time-consuming most of our time.

Doesn’t it, Traveling to buy something or waiting in traffic lights and Jams is really frustrating?.

In online shopping, we don’t have to travel to buy something. It not only saves our lots of time but also we can avoid frustration.

Variety and Availability

Online shopping websites not only have a great variety of product but better availability as well comparing to the retail outlets.

Why online shopping companies have more variety and better availability compare to offline stores?

e-commerce websites not only sell products that they fulfill, but also, multiple sellers, retailers, and companies sell their products there. Result in, you can get an extensive range of products from several brands and sellers all in one place.

Best Part is you don’t have to visit an offline store to store to buy different brands products. All you can get from the same place in your choice of color, variety, quality, and brands.

Additionally, in online shopping, geography is no limitation. You can buy products from retailers or shopping companies located anywhere in the world and selling online.

Expenses in Parking, Fuel, and travel in offline shopping

Remember when you have to travel to buy something from a shopping complex or mall and you have to pay for parking and fuel. These are the hidden cost and effect of these costs you may or may not realize it immediately.

Expenses in Parking, Fuel, and travel in offline shopping
Expenses in Parking, Fuel, and travel in offline shopping

Most of the time we don’t add the cost of fuel and parking in product cost, even we pay them.

Things become more frustrating when we don’t get what we want in one market or shopping mall. In this case, either we have to return empty-handed or travel somewhere else to buy that.

What about when we have to travel again to return the product? again parking and fuel cost. If a product is of low cost, Sometimes people pay more in travel and parking cost than the actual cost of the product.

Certainly, you can avoid these expenses when we buy online.

Tried, Window Shopping, Try Window Surfing

We as a human being love to explore new things, compare products and check their prices and sometimes even without a intend to buy it.

I won’t tell a lie here. Before these online stores come into play and even today, I have been on those retail outlets and shopping malls checking things.

On online shopping sites, you can explore hundreds of products read their review, check what is in and off the trend. The best part is you don’t have to spend a single penny and don’t have to visit shop to shop.

Trust me nothing like it.

The burden of Shopping bags

Do you like carrying those bulky shopping bags?

Obviously no, I like to carry shopping bags only when they are not bulky or heavy. In online shopping, we don’t need to worry about carrying those shopping bags.

problem of carrying shopping bags in offline shopping
the problem of carrying shopping bags in offline shopping

Even better, In online shopping, we even don’t have to drive with these bags to offline shops to have them return or exchange.


Considering the advantages and benefits mentioned above, more and more people Nowadays prefer online shopping over conventional shopping.

Regardless of the many benefits online shopping sites provide sometimes it’s better to go outside and see what is happening in the world.

I prefer online shopping but still, I buy 20 to 30% of things from offline shops as well.

Please let us know by your comments, on how you like this post. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Skip the offline shopping and buy online.

  1. I still prefer to buy clothes from a physical shop. I recently ordered a pair of jeans from Amazon and though I choose the right size, it didn’t fit. I think a lot of online stores have a different way to measure clothing and it is better to try clothes out in a brick and mortar shop. Call me old-fashioned, but it saves me the pain of trying to figure out how to order clothing on a certain site.

  2. Shopping online is where its at! Why? Well, there is a bookstore here, and their is a price difference of buying something in-store verses on their website. It’s understandable why something may cost more in-store, but why sell the same item online for less, and have free shipping to the store?

    As well, the online options are greater than in-store (for most stores).

    We love t o have a walk around local stores, mostly to get out of the house. Most of our purchases are made online, and the same goes for our Christmas shopping.

    1. thank you, I have seen shops buying items from online shopping sites and selling them to their customers but for making any profit they have to add their profit margin before selling to the customer.

      As mentioned earlier, Sometimes I also walk around local stores.

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