The 10 Most Polpular Online Shopping Sites in India

Online shopping site

The craze of online shopping has been increasing. Nowadays, everybody wants to shop online as not only it saves our money but also time.

Online shopping sites offer a variety of products, Few in a specific category and other selling virtually anything online.

Here we have drafted a list of top 10 online shopping sites in India, for you to have a look:




Amazon is one of the market leaders in online shopping space.

On time delivery, a wide range of products, for example, electronic appliances, exercise equipment, cosmetic, mobile and computer accessories.

Amazon provides great offers and after sales customer services.

Recently Amazon has started other online services, for example, mobile recharge, bill payment, video on demand and food delivery using its amazon pay balance.

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On Amazon, one can virtually get almost anything.

If you are visiting on Amazon and want to buy grocery items for your kitchen don’t forget to check products on amazon pantry, most of these products are available on great discount and they have cash back offer as well if you shop using Amazon Pay Balance and buy beyond a certain limit.

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Amazon Kindle is also one of the great product if you are a book lover.



Online Shopping Site:Flipkart

One of the best Indian online shopping site, Founded by Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007.

there is a wide range of products are available for you to buy. On time to time basis they provide festive discount season sale on different products.

This website is very popular among mobile buyers as there are certain companies which only launch their products here.

Additionally,  on time to time basis they have great discount offers.

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Online Shopping Site: Paytm

Originally started as an e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company.

Now they, not only provide a digital wallet but also many products for one to buy with awesome cashback offers.

Recently, they have launched the Paytm mall app which has amazing cashback offers on different products.

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Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce company started to sell personalized gift items.

it’s very popular among people who all want to buy products as per the latest fashion.

Few of the popular products available are Shoes, Clothes, Bags, Watches and other fashionable items.

Recently Myntra has been brought by and like other online sites, it also provides amazing discount offers.

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Online Shopping Site: zivame

If you are interested in buying online lingerie and nightwear products, Zivame is the right place for you.

Undoubtedly, they have a wide range of product available in this segment and on time to time basis provide a great discount as well.

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Firstcry is one of the largest Online Shopping Store for kids & baby products.

So,  if you are a proud parent or going to be one this is the right place for you.

they have a wide range of baby products available for example diapers, clothes, bathing accessories, and other stuff.

also, they provide discounts on a few of the baby products.




Want to Buy Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses for men & women and don’t have time, No Problem! Go to this site and they have a variety of items in this range.

Furthermore, they provide awesome discounts as well. Currently, they are providing services only in a few of the cities.

“Recently in a few of the cities, they have started their offline stores as well, where you can try their products before buying.”



big basket
big basket

Want to buy grocery and don’t want to take the pain to go to the market and bring them. No issues, go to this site and you can buy them online on discount.

Moreover, they provide free delivery as well. in short, its an online grocery and food products supermarket.

Urban Ladder


Urban Ladder

it was established as an online furniture shopping site.

Urban Ladder offers a wide range of furniture and home decor in different designs and categories such as living, dining, bedroom, study, and decor online.

Recently, it made an entry in the offline retail segment and opened its first store in Bangalore and currently has few stores in Bangalore.

Like other only companies, they also provide discount and quality of products.



Online Shopping Site: NurseryLive

Want to buy plants and accessories online in India go to the

“NurseryLive sells a variety of outdoor and indoor houseplants, seeds, pots, and fertilizers online.”

Furthermore, You can also get information regarding the plants and their variety on this sites.

Conclusion: Online Shopping Sites in India

Before buying any product from online shopping sites, make sure you do check product review, quality, price and check people comments regarding post-sale service.

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