How to Save money on online shopping

save money on online shopping

We all want to save money on online shopping, we compare products, visit online shopping sites to check a product price.

Trust me, nothing is more frustrating, than somebody else buying the same product at a lower price than you.

Although these tricks are specifically for online shopping still few of these will also work in offline shopping as well.

How to save money on online shopping is a big topic considering there can be numerous ways to save money on shopping.

Hence this post will be a little longer, but trust me, I will try to give you most of the recommended way to save money on online shopping.

Make a Shopping List

Before buying anything online, always make a shopping list and remain strict with it, why?


If you buy without a shopping list, most probably you will end up buying things which you don’t need.

By having a shopping list not only you miss any product that you need now, but also you will save money on online shopping by not buying unnecessary products.

Before buying set a shopping budget

When we don’t set a maximum budget for shopping, most of the time we end up buying more items than we can afford.

save money on online shopping -Before buying set a shopping budget
save money on online shopping -Before buying set a shopping budget

But when we have a shopping budget for a month, we have our maximum upper limit of shopping for that month.

However, just merely setting a budget is not a solution the most important part is to follow it strictly and if possible try to save some money from it.

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When in doubt, don’t buy it

Always avoid buying the product if it does not get fit as per your expectations and requirement, have negative reviews, or any other reason.

When we buy something in doubt or confusion, most of the time, we end up buying things lower than our actual expectation, result in a waste of money.

Find cheap deals online

Generally, we buy a few things offline, rather than directly buy them offline check their price and review online.

Especially check if they are available cheaper online or are they coming with some extra offer?.

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Deals are also available offline

If you believe that everything is cheaper online Then it’s not always true.

Few companies provide special offers if you buy products from there retails store.

Further, there are some supermarkets which, considering the competition with the online seller either sell at the same price or even sometimes cheaper.

So when you are going to buy something expensive, checking its price in your nearby store is no harm.

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Compare what you buy

The online marketplace has a wide variety of products available on multiple sites

Save money on online shopping - Compare what you buy
Save money on online shopping – Compare what you buy

So, its possible the same product you are going to buy from one site might be available in the same quality and quantity at a lower price on another site.

Hence, it’s always a wise decision to check the price on other sites before pressing your buy button.

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Buy discounted gift cards

Many online companies provide discounted gift coupons to buy the products from their site, other sites, brands, and retail chains & outlets.

So if you want to buy a discount coupon for a particular site or a retail outlet don’t forget to check its discount coupon on online shopping sites.

The easiest way to find these coupons is to google the company name with discount coupons.

Check for promo codes

Many online shopping sites provide promo/discount code if you buy any product from them.

These codes must be added before checkout to get the discount and save money on online shopping.

Additionally, few sites provide an offer to their first-time customer and hence don’t forget to check these offers before buying any product.

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Out of season items

Item prices increase, decrease based on demand and season, For example, in the summer season price of winter items are cheaper or vice-versa.


Online companies offer a massive discount on products when they are in their offseason.

Generally, these discount sales start at the end of their season

Buying in large quantities

Generally, a few of the online shopping sites and companies offer some extra discount when we buy the product in large quantities.

If your need is repetitive and the product is part of your daily need, it’s wise to buy them in large if available at some extra discount.

So for example,  If the 5 kg packet sugar packet per kg price is lower than the 1KG packet price, so it’s wise to buy the 5 Kg packet.

Sometimes, if you buy a pack of something, then the per-packet price costs you lower than the product purchased separately.

Cashback and discount offers

Few sites like Paytm offer a great cashback and discount offers if you buy a product from them.

Discount Sale

Always try to maximize these offers before buying any product from them.

Offers on bank cards

Nowadays, most of the credit/debit card companies offer amazing offers, including cash back, discount and others to their existing customers.

Always keep checking offers on your credit/debit cards for any extra discount cash back on any online shopping site.

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Use Pay balance and digital wallets

Recently, many online shopping companies have started their pay balance and wallets.

Save Money on online shopping - Use Pay Balance and WalletsSave Money on online shopping – Use Pay Balance and Wallets

Many times, these companies offer an extra discount if you buy products using their pay balance or wallet.

Some website even sometimes offer an extra pay or wallet balance if you top up their wallet with the amount above certain amounts.

Furthermore, a few wallets company offer an extra amount if you transfer money, link your bank account or even refer your friends and family.

Check product reviews

You must be wondering about the relation of a product review to the price. There is no direct relation.

However, if you buy a product based on the positive review of others, most probably you will end up buying a good product considering it is already tried and tested.


Although with no guarantee but still when people give a positive review of something there is a higher possibility that product is good in quality and durability.

A good quality product works longer than a low-quality product, result in money-saving.

Sometimes in their review, people post the price of the product as well.

If the price is lower than there is a better chance that the same product would be available cheaper somewhere.

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Don’t need it, Don’t buy it

Many companies come with excellent offers on their product, but before buying them always ask yourselves if you need them?

In case if you don’t need it, don’t buy it regardless of the discount or offer an online shopping company offering.

Don’t be loyal to one brand

It’s a time of competition, and every company competes with its competitors by providing their product more and less in the same quality, price, measure, functions, and added benefits.

There is no harm in checking other company products, if available at a lower price, better quality and enhance functions.

Save money on online shopping using a coupon Site

On these sites, You can get discount coupons and cash back offers, on some of the top online shopping sites.

You can search these sites on google by just adding a coupon site with country or place name.

But one caution only a few of these sites give genuine offers and discounts.

Wait for festivals sale and offer

You must have heard about the Christmas, Diwali, New year sale, nowadays almost every online shopping site organizes these sales.

Save Money on online shopping -Festival sale

Generally, in these sales, they give massive discounts and cash back offers, on their products.

So if you are planning to buy something expensive or if your shopping list is long and any festival is near, there is no harm in waiting for these grand sales.

Avoid product shipping charges

Most of the online shopping companies only deliver your product free if you order beyond a certain amount.

Until and unless product not required urgently, avoid paying extra delivery charges, You can avoid it by buying products together and above the least free delivery amount.

Start of the month sale

A few online sites give an extra discount if you buy the product at the start of the new month.

How to save money on online shopping- Start of the month sale
Save money on online shopping- Start of the month sale

Check if the site is providing any such offer and use it if available.

Do Not Check Out Immediately

Have you ever noticed when you forget to check out the product in your cart?

You start receiving offers for it and even sometimes, its price also get reduced?

Although this does not work every time, still, it’s worth trying.

Ask for a discount on Customer Chat

Many times we don’t get a discount coupon directly from a shopping site.

However, We can get that by chatting with their customer support.

Just ask them about any offer or discount scheme, maybe you are missing something they are aware of.

This trick personally worked for me in most of the food delivery app.

Add product in the wish list and buy on Price-Drop

Rather than ordering the product immediately if you add it on a wish list and buy it on a price drop, you can save some money.

Invest what you save

You must have heard the saying “Money makes the money”.

So the amount that you save using the above methods tries to invest it as much as you.

If you are only saving for spending, then it would be difficult for you to save money.

If we invest the amount that we have saved, not only we can generate enormous wealth in the long-term, but also can accumulate in our emergency fund.

Few last points about how to save money on online shopping

To save money on online shopping, we should always avoid excessive and compulsive shopping.

Also, excessive use of credit cards, EMI scheme should also be avoided considering the high interest associated with them.

Please let us know by your comments on how you like this post, any changes or suggestion.

Good Luck! 🙂

8 thoughts on “How to Save money on online shopping

  1. It seems like common sense, but I’ve never actually set a budget or created a shopping list for online purchases. So bizarre, because I won’t go to an actual store without a shopping list! These tips were all so helpful. I love using sites like Ebates to get cash back on my online purchases on top of using a coupon code.

  2. When purchasing anything online, I always check the site for discount and coupon codes that might not be advertised on the site where you are shopping. This has saved me on shipping costs as well as the price of the product I’m purchasing.

  3. You have lots of great tips here for shopping online. I agree, you need to set a budget and have a list for what you want to buy and check other sites for the same product or similar products. I always read reviews too.

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