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How to Choose Curtains and Drapes for home

How to choose curtain and drapes

To make our home a dream home, we buy decorative masterpieces, designer furniture, and paint walls. Curtains and Drapes are the main elements in home decor. In fact, without them, your home interior is incomplete.

A perfect home should not only have great furniture, carpet, and decorative but also should have beautiful curtains. With the right window covering, our home looks more fabulous and stylish.

By choosing the right curtains, you can make your home more beautiful and elegant. But there are things you must consider before choosing Sheer, Drapes, and Beaded curtain for your home.

Curtains and drapes come in different fabrics, patterns, and styles. Considering the different varieties of choosing curtains for our home is a difficult task.  In this post, I will cover most of them.

Before I start, you know there is a difference between Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds. Generally, people think they are the same, but they are not.

Curtains usually come in lighter, thin, or sheer fabrics and do not blackout your room. However, drapes come in heavy fabric. Drapes blackout your room and keep inside heating and cooling trapped.

Blinds come in plastic, wood, or fabric material, and help control the amount of light in, Blinds are easier to clean compare to Drapes and Curtain.

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So now let’s start with the following helpful tips selecting window and door curtains for your home:

Measure curtains and drapes before buying:

Before measuring the window or door panel, think about the way you will hang curtains. If you want your window to look larger, start measuring them just a few inches below to the ceiling.

However, if you only want to cover the window, start the measure from just 5-6 inches above the window panel. While measuring doesn’t forget to consider the height of the rings and the spacing you want to keep between the drapes and the floor.

ceiling touching curtains

For a draped look and attractive bunching of fabric, buy them 2.5 to 3 times wider the window or door frame. For standard look select few inches wider than the frame.

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How to choose curtains and drapes color:

Before selecting the drapes and curtains, think if you want to blend the color of the window curtain with the interiors and walls or contrast colors would look great.

Generally, people choose the color in sync with the color of the walls. If you also want to go with this popular choice. I would recommend choosing one shade lighter color than the color of the walls. For example, for red walls, choose light shed off red.

Select contrast colors for wide window panels and if, you want your window windows covering to be a focal point of your room.

Choose the curtain color based on the theme of the room, and don’t hesitate to choose different colors for the different rooms. The light color looks great for living room curtains and dark or contrast color for the bedroom drapes.

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Custom-made or Ready-made curtains:

We often get confused in deciding between whether to select the custom-made or ready-made curtains.

Ready-made curtains are low in cost, readily available, and come in standard sizes. The best part is, they come ready to hang, and you can buy them online and offline. They are an excellent choice when you are low in budget and short in time.

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However, for nonstandard size windows and doors, Custom-made curtains are the best choice. You can also choose custom-made curtains in different colors and fabrics.

Custom made drapes need some lead time to be made and cost a little expensive. However, in the long term, they are valued for money.

Double-check curtain measurements, as mistakes, will be costly.

Buy Drapes with Insulation property:

Before buying, Don’t forget to check the insulating property of the drapes. Insulated drapes reduce the heat exchange and keep the room temperature constant.

Thermal material curtain assists in keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer by trapping inside heating and cooling. They increase the energy-saving efficiency of your heating and cooling system results in cost-saving.

However, if you don’t want to buy an insulated curtain, you can also choose thicker fabric drapes for trapping heat in winter and lighter fabric for summer to let outside air in for proper ventilation.

Blackout curtain or Sheer curtain:

Lightweight fabric like linen or cotton not only allow light to come in but also give a very casual look. On the other hand, a curtain made of thick fabrics like velvet and polyester blackout the room and give your room a formal look.

Blackout curtains or drapes block out external light, reduce outside noise, and give you more privacy. Blackout window coverings are the best choice for a bedroom or room where your tv is facing the window.

Drapes for bedroom

In addition to blocking out natural light, Drapes also decrease the outside noise. They are an ideal choice If you work in night shifts or odd hours and or you need to complete dark for a peaceful sleep.

On the other hand, Sheer curtain is an ideal choice for a great view and natural light to come in. Sheer curtains come in a range of materials, including cotton, silk, and synthetics.

Sheer window coverings are perfect for a living room and small spaces where you want more light to come in. These curtains not only give ample light but also, your living room looks more luxurious when you have them.

White color sheer curtain

If budget is not a constraint, choose two rods to hang both blackout and sheer windows coverings, and you can control both light and privacy whenever required.

String and Beaded curtain

Beaded and String curtain gives your home entrance and partitions an elegant touch. Partition curtains divide your doorway in a royal and glamorous way.

These curtains come in many types, but the most popular one is Crystal beaded curtains and Wooden beaded curtains. Select either of them based on your indoor theme.

The living room and partition area look elegantly beautiful when you use a crystal or glass beaded curtain. However, for a classic touch, buy wooden beaded curtains. You can also use a wooden beaded curtain in decorating your worship or temple entrance area of your home.

Always buy durable, and good quality breaded curtains; otherwise, after some time of uses, threads, and beads can start falling. If buying online, don’t forget to read people’s reviews and responses.

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Other things to consider before you choose curtains and drapes:

There are other many things we ignore before buying a curtain, such as if your window gets direct sunlight. Sun can damage any fabric over time, but there are few fabrics, which are more durable than others.

For sunny windows, avoid choosing the silk or heavily printed curtain as they can get fade in contact with direct sunlight. To increase the life of your curtain and for better sun and moisture protection, buy a protective lining for your curtains.

In addition to that, if you are choosing the curtains for places like the bathroom, select waterproof curtains.

You should always read the washing & ironing instructions mentioned on the label, check if they are machine washable, or can only be dry cleaned.  Dry cleaning is expensive and time-consuming.

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