The 9 best exercise equipment Pieces for home workout

Exercise Equipment Dumbbell

Daily physical exercise is essential for maintaining physical fitness, healthy weight, overall health. There is countless exercise equipment that can assist you in your daily workout and fitness routine.

While nothing beats an exercise using exercise equipment in a Gym but due to the busy life of today’s most of us don’t get enough time to travel to the Gym and they are expensive too.

Hence it is convenient to do exercise at home, but one thing here one must need to consider before doing working out at home is to start the workout slowly, start with a lower level of exercises,  build up the intensity as you grow used to it, consult a doctor or a fitness expert if required too.

In this review,  we have selected a list of 9 best exercise equipment Pieces for your home workout based on their effectiveness, portability, ease of use, availability of them on online shopping sites, and the price.

Tummy Twister:

Tummy Twister is one of the few types of exercise equipment which takes lesser space in the home. It not only assists in losing weight but can also bring you better in shape. It has magnets embedded for therapeutic purposes.

Roller exercise wheel:

Roller exercise wheel

Roller exercise is simple, but capable exercise equipment, it acts on your abs with a smooth and comfortable movement.

Regular exercise can strengthen your abdominal muscles, shoulders,  arms, and gradually improve flexibility. Before buying, make sure you check its grip.

People with lower back problems should avoid using it.

Yoga Mat:

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

If you are a yoga enthusiastic or want to do floor exercises, a yoga mat is a perfect solution for you to do any yoga movement or floor poses.

Before buying, make sure that it’s surface material is grippy and not slippery.

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Skipping rope

Skipping rope

Skipping rope is one of the most efficient, cheap, and portable pieces of exercise equipment.

Furthermore, it is a high-intensity and very efficient cardio exercise, effective in burning calories, losing weight, improving flexibility, and having a flat tummy.

Aerobic Step board:

Aerobic Step board

Step Board is the perfect exercise equipment for step workout at home.

Additionally, it helps in building strength, burning fat,  and improve your overall fitness.

Don’t forget to check its weight-bearing capability and make sure that the platform is made up of high-quality nonslippery material.


Dumbbells set
Dumbbells set

A good set of Dumbbells is essential for any home gym. Dumbles are suitable for Building strength and stamina.

Dumbbells come in a great variety of weights and types, for example, Rubber, metal, chrome, adjustable. You can use them individually or in pairs.

Exercise bikes, One of the best exercise equipment:

Exercise bikes provide convenient indoor exercise equipment.

It not only Ramp up your cardio training but also incredibly effective at burning fat and building strength.

Gym ball:

Gym Ball

A Gym ball is a type of exercise equipment which helps you build strength, tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, and also improve your balance.

An exercise ball can easily use for daily work out anytime and anywhere.

Tummy trimmer:

Tummy trimmer is light in weight exercise equipment made of plastic or steel base and comes in the category of portable exercise equipment.

It can assist in losing your belly fat, burning calories, and tone your muscles.

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